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Effect and Efficient

My friend always seems to be talking about this booking software that saves her time whilst running her bed and breakfast. She used to be very stressed and always running around like a headless chicken not being able to keep track of bookings, with the phone constantly ringing off the hook. She said it's called Best Bookings and since she got it, she seems like a different person. More relaxed and more in control. Her business now runs smoothly and she is as busy as before but with the bookings handled more effectively and efficiently.

This blog was posted Wednesday 17th October 2018 : 12.01 pm

Unrecognisable transformation

The Oven Cleaning Company tackles my greasy oven every December for the last few years. It is a job which is tough and time-consuming. This company offers a full deep clean service, quality, reasonable price, cannot recommend enough. The oven is always completely transformed and unrecognisable after they have finished with it! Well worth the money.

This blog was posted Monday 13th August 2018 : 12.36 pm

Skilled and competent workers

My good friend had her bathroom refurbished and modernised a couple years back and needed the floor redone too. P Batten Flooring did the job for her and she has mentioned a few times that she was impressed with their customer service. They were punctual and friendly and talked her through the stages of the job to keep her well informed. The bathroom tiles look fantastic and really tasteful. They were fitted very well and demonstrate this company's competency and skills.

This blog was posted Thursday 12th July 2018 : 09.18 am

Another great blind fitted!

My sister has used the services of Winchester Blinds before now for the Roman Blinds in her conservatory. She was very pleased with them and kept their contact details for future reference. She was so glad that she kept their contact details as she decided that she wanted plantation shutters fitted once her living room had been redecorated. She called them up and had them over to measure the window. The person who came over was friendly and professional and she browsed through the samples available. When the installation day came around she was surprised again at how efficient and tidy the worker was. The shutters were up in no time at all and look absolutely brilliant. She was equally impressed as the time before. Highly recommend!

This blog was posted Thursday 5th July 2018 : 12.18 pm

Gladly recommend

My brother couldn't have expected or predicted a better outcome than the one he received after his oven professionally cleaned by Mrs Ovens a local oven cleaning company. She has plenty of good reviews and feedback online. Initially, he heard about her services through a friend of his who also had her oven cleaned. He was very well impressed by how beautifully clean his oven looked and how quick she managed to restore it back to it's original clean, smart-looking self. He said the price was very reasonable and he would gladly recommend her services.

This blog was posted Tuesday 13th March 2018 : 03.53 pm

Intimate classes

My brother has loved his time at Partners 4 Training whilst studying a Barbering Course with them. The classes were small in number and intimate ensuring that every day spent there he got the 1 to 1 attention that he needed. The teachers were supportive and encouraging. He loved the practical side of the work but also the theory and the written work. The group he studied alongside were really friendly and all so supportive of each other and the work they completed together. He recommended the training to a couple of his school mates who are still at school and considering what to study at college. This training centre is one of the best.

This blog was posted Wednesday 28th February 2018 : 09.45 am

Considerate and co-operative workers

Last year my son had a company called ETC Fire to come to the school where he works to carry out fire extinguisher maintenance. It is a very large and a very busy school and the engineers were kind and considerate of the school's schedule. They were co-operative and quite workers and kindly adjusted their day to suit the school and work with the students and the class changes so to cause as little disruption as possible. They were punctual and worked swiftly ensuring the safety of all of the fire extinguishers around the school.

This blog was posted Wednesday 28th February 2018 : 09.36 am

Excellent brokers

Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers have been fantastic in assisting my sister in finding the right insurance coverage for her needs. They provided superior customer service and brilliant insurance products. The advice provided was expertly sourced. She said they managed to easily meet her unique requirements and they demonstrated excellent examples of what a superb team of insurance brokers they all were. She said she would gladly recommend their service to anyone in need of insurance coverage.

This blog was posted Friday 16th February 2018 : 11.34 am

Getting to the source

My friend did not know a thing about plumbing and central heating, so when his house sprung a leak he had no idea where it was coming from and no idea how to fix it. He found the Sam Mercer Plumbing company through Google after typing in local plumbers and called them immediately. He wasn't worried about the price he just wanted it fixed asap. My friend was very impressed when one of their workers turned up within the hour of him making the phone call and found the source of the leak within the first 15 minutes of him arriving! After asking a couple of questions the worker found the source of it, stopped it and placed an order for some new bits to be installed to prevent it from happening again. Great service and the price he said wasn't bad at all!

This blog was posted Wednesday 7th February 2018 : 10.57 am