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Creation Conferences have put together a mobile Presentation, that we are happy to present in churches and other venues for use around the South East and London, or further afield if the need arises.

The full Presentation consists of four separate sessions, but if time is short the first session can be done as a stand-alone presentation.

The Sessions cover the basics of the Evolutionist/Creationist thinking from the Scientific perspective - but the sessions are open to all. It is not assumed that all listeners are believers - so Scripture is used very sparingly.

The first Session is an introduction to the themes and explains the difference between adaptation, which is demonstrateable and provable - versus progressive 'Evolution' which is a Theory which has never been proven and is very unlikely to be possible at all.

The first Session also contains a brief overview of the history of the Evolution Theory, how it came about by ignoring the available evidence that contradicted it and how it was that cultural rather than scientific reasons led it to become mainstream 'Science'. All sessions are illustrated and are accessible by all without any scientific background.

The second and third Session look more at the evidence; the second Session being the evidence for the age of the Earth. The third Session looks at the evidence for a Global Flood.

The topics are pursued from a perspective of what we would expect to find, i.e. if Evolutionary Theory were true or if Creation Theory were true; what we would expect the Geology to look like if Noah's Flood was a genuine historical Event, and then comparing what we actually find on the ground, and the evidence in the soil, and how the appearance of fossils etc can best be explained in the light of these two rival Theories.

The fourth Session is 'why does Creation Matter?' and can, if required, add a short Gospel presentation at the end.

If you would like any further information please don't hesitate to contact us for further details.

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South-East Conference

Saturday 12th November 2016

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